Top 7 Rules To Become Rich

Top 7 Rules To Become Rich 

First of all tell me that you want to be rich? I know that your answer will be "yes".
Because every person in this world wants to be rich, and who is rich, wants to become more wealthy.

But even after so much desire to be rich, today there are less rich people and more poor people in the world.
7 rules to become rich
7 rules to become rich

Why is this?

That's why we do not know the rules that makes them become Rich, or even after knowing those rules, do not apply them to their life.

Friends! Today, I will tell you some important rules to become rich, if you make a part of your life then you will become rich.

For your information, let me tell you these fantastic rules I have taken from T. Harv Eker's Famous book - Secrets of the Millionaires Mind (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)

T. Harv Eker has told 17 Secrets to Become Millionaires to become a millionaire in this book

7 Rules To Become Rich

How To Become Rich
How To Become Rich

From this book, I read some rules that are very important to be rich.

Let's know what the rules are:-

  1. "The rule of the universe that we live here is that unless you show that you can handle things you have, you will not get much." - T. Harv Eker

    Here T. Harv Eker has told that you can become rich only when you are able to become rich. There is a lot of money needed to be rich.

    If you have a large amount of money management ability (Ability of Money Management) then you have the ability to become rich, that means if you can manage a lot of money properly, you can manage it, then you will be rich .

    But if you can not manage a lot of money, then you have to learn how to manage it.

    To be rich, there is not enough to be just a lot of money.What is the necessity that you can earn more money from that money?

    Where and how much do you invest?

    If you learn all this, then you are able to become rich, or if you have too much money, then you will spend it or lose it soon.

    If you can not manage money, then learn to manage the small amount, gradually you will get as much money as you become eligible, and when you come to manage a large amount you will become rich then you will become rich.

  2. "You will never be able to become wealthy by working for a certain paycheck. If you want to get a job then make sure that you get paid based on the result or else work for yourself. "- T. Harv Eker

    Here T. Harv Acre has told that you do not sell yourself cheaply. Such a job, where you get a fix payment every month and you do not work for yourself but work for others, in this way you will never be able to become rich.

    If you have to do the job then do this so that you get the money according to the result of your abilities and the results of the work done by you. If this is not the case, quit the job and start your own work.

    In your own work you will get money based on the results of your work. The more merits you gain, the more money you go to earn. Most people in the world have become rich by doing their own work.

  3. "The poor people do hard work and spend all their money. The result is that they have to work hard always. The rich people work hard, save themselves and invest their money so that they do not have to work again. "- T. Harv Eker

    Here T. Harv Eker has said that poor or rich, both work hard to earn money, but the poor people spend their money earned and then work hard again to earn money.

    The poor do not save from the money they earned or invest their money somewhere.

    On the contrary, the rich do not spend the money earned, but they save some money from them and invest some money in the right place.

    Gradually, rich people invest so much money that now they do not have to work hard to earn money. Because return money comes from the invested money which is more than their needs. You can read my article on how to make money by saving money and investing in its right place. "Do you want to be a millionaire? | Be Millionaire (Part-2) "

  4. "Rich people focus on things they want, while poor people focus on things they do not want. Once again, the law of the universe says that the thing which we focus on more than anything increases. "- T. Harv Eker

    Here, T. Harv Acker has told that the rich people focus on the opportunities that are available, so they have many good opportunities, and as soon as the opportunity arrives, they catch it and take advantage of it.

    While the poor concentrate on the upcoming obstacles, they have many obstacles, those who do away their lives but the obstacles are not far.

    If you want to be rich, then think about how rich can be made?

    How can we save from our earned money?

    How can we invest the savings in the investment

    If you focus your attention on all these things, then all these things will happen in your life and if these things happen in your life, then this will make you rich

  5. "The best and easiest way to make wealth is to learn how to play this game of wealthy people with money. Your goal is to mimic their inner and outer strategies. "- T. Harv Eker

    Here T. Harv Eker has told that if you do not want to learn much about earning money, the simplest and best way to make you rich is to copy the rich people.

    Work like rich people do the same, do the same thing as you do.

    Like the mentality of rich people, adopt the same mentality.

    If you copy each of their modes, then the Possibility of this is very much that you will become rich.

    Learn how to love money for this. Think good about rich people.

    Change the negative thinking that you have made about money, turn it into positive thinking.

    Think about good opportunities. Meet rich people, read about them and adopt the habits of successful and rich people. Then see, you too will become rich soon.

  6. "See yourself as a wealth vessel. What if your vessel is small and money is high? You will lose money. The extra money will start spraying from your utensil and will flutter over here. You can not get more money than the utensil. That's why you must make yourself a big pot. "- T. Harv Eker

    Here T. Harv Eker has told that you consider yourself as a vessel in which money can be kept. If you want to remain a small pot, you will have less money to keep and you will get less money.

    If you look at yourself as a very large pot, the place will be more and more money will come.  This is based on the rule of the universe that the universe does not like the empty space, it immediately fills it.

    So if you have big thinking to earn money, the more money you will earn.

    The more you focus on wealth, the more money you can earn. The more bigger the utensils you make, the more money you get.

    Keep your thinking big, you will get money in a large amount. So make your thinking not to 500,000000 500000 as the rich will be able to make you 500,000000 but not 500,000.

  7. "If you believe that you are capable, then you are. If you believe that you are not capable you are not. In both ways, you will live life according to your written story or your thinking. "- T. Harv Eker

    Here T. Harv Eker has told that if you want to make yourself rich then you will become rich and if you do not want to make yourself rich then you will never be able to become rich.

    Everything depends on your thinking that in real you want to take your life.

    Everyone in the world has got different lives. Decision is about how you want to live this life. If you turn your life towards the path that leads to the wealthy then you will live the rich life. But if you choose the path that leads to poverty then this decision is yours and the result will be that you will remain poor and live poor life.

    So think of getting yourself the ability to become a master of a lot of money. You will become Rich.

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What is Bounce Rate? and how to reduce Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce Bounce Rate?

Do you know what is Bounce Rate and how to reduce it, if not, then there is no need for you to be depressed. We will discuss this today. If you have any blog or website then you will need a lot of information about Bounce Rate. If you check your blog's Global rank, India rank, page per visitors in Alexa then you may also see Bounce Rate along with it. But a blogger feels bad when your site's bounce rate is more than average. From this, the authority and rank of its blog falls on its own.

Since any site has a higher Bounce rate, it is not good for site users and if your site also comes in this category, then this is a very bad news for your website. If your blog or website is new then it is common for bounce rate to be high. But if it is old, and Bounce Rate is more, then it's your fault. But do not worry, because after reading my this article today bounce rate of your site will be reduced. Today we will get some information about this which will make it easier for you to understand it better, and you must read the entire article, because in the last today I will give you some tips that work lot for your site. So let's start without delaying  know what is Bounce Rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

what is bounce rate
What Is Bounce Rate

If you are doing your best to increase the search performance of your blog or site, then there is a hidden secret behind it. First, reduce the Bounce Rate. But there are some mistakes in it, there is some disturbance in your plan. We will talk further about what's wrong. when a visitor comes to your website and visits a page meaning entrance page and after that goes back, then it is called Bounce Rate. But Bounce Rate means this is the percentage of visitors who come to your page and go back without clicking on any other page.

If this is happening then it is proving that the post of your site is not so interesting or you are not paying much value in it. Apart from this, it can also be that its design is also not something special, heading is not too attractive. If Bounce Rate is high, then you should understand that the visitors of your site are decreasing and if the visitor decreases then rank will decrease and finally the income will also reduced. By taking an example you will better understand what is Bounce Rate.

If there is a website or a blog, whose Bounce Rate is 45%. This means that 45% of the visitors in the website are those who open a page and immediately go back. Perhaps they have not got anything to read them. There can be many reasons for this, in whose subjects we will learn further. So let us now know how much bounce rate is ok.

What is a good Bounce Rate?

What is a Good Bounce Rate
What is a Good Bounce Rate

So far, you have to think a little bit about what the Bounce Rate. I will tell you that a website's Bounce Rate is so good, how much will it work to be, and which one is worthless for your site. To understand this properly, I have divided it into four parts.

1% to 10%
10% to 40%
40% to 70%
 More than 70%

Within 1% to 10%, a blog has a bounce rate, it comes in the list of the world's most successful websites. After that, if it comes from 10% to 40% then it is also good. In the third, which is 40% to 70%, most of the websites are included in it. Which is not that good but work is worth running. If we talk about all the websites then 75% to 80% of the website comes in this CATEGORY. And finally, the websites whose bounce rate is more than 70% are not exactly right and they have to work a lot on their website. Now let's know the mistakes which increase bounce rate.

If you are wondering if the bounce rates of all types of websites are similar, then the answer is no. Bounce rates are different for different types of websites. Here below I have provided information about some of their data which are some of the following:

  •  Website with content - 40-60%
  •  Lead Generating Websites - 30-50%
  •  Blogs - 70-98%
  •  Retail business sites - 20-40%
  •  Websites providing services - 10-30%
  •  Landing Pages - 70-90%

What are the mistakes which increase the Bounce Rate of Website or Blog

One of the few mistakes that a Blogger does on a common basis, you must pay attention to it.

  1. Increase loading time of website.
  2. Having Single Page Site
  3. Having a bad quality content
  4. Internal link visitor should be liked.
  5. Ranking on the wrong keywords for traffic.
  6. Due to not having quality and user-friendly content.
  7. The design of your website is worthless
  8. Content Formatting.
  9. The heading of your content must be special.

How to reduce bounce rate?

So now we will tell you how many ways you reduce Bounce Rate.

1. Site Design and Look Good

Friends if you like anything look good you get attracted. Similarly, if your website and blog look good, then visitors will come to your website automatically and they will also like to read the content. Whenever you are designing your blog, it is important that you have knowledge of Color Combination. You have to understand your visitors who would be good at the corner color site.

Select the font color and text size correctly, like if you make the whole text font red, then the reader will be reminded of it and keep the text size correct, which does not have to be any trouble in reading the visitor. Because there is a saying that the customer is God and unhappy to God means kicking in your stomach. If you have given an animation throughout your site, that too is not something special. Make the site simple and readers friendly.

2. Pay attention to Page Load Time

If your site has more page load time. It means, coming back to the visitors before reaching the blog. If you are a blogger then it is very important for you and for SEO too.
  • less than 1 second means - Perfect.
  • 1 second to 3rd second - Above average
  • 3 seconds to 7 seconds mean - Average
  • Meaning more than 7 - Very poor

If you want to make visitors happy then keep Perfect or Above Average Use limited image and low-size image in page, this will reduce page load time.

3. Write Quality Content 

If you have quality content in your site then it will be very helpful to make your site a brand. If you pay more attention to the branding and valuable content of the site, it will take some time, but you will reach your goal sooner. If your site has no quality content then the visitor will automatically go back from your site, because there are many websites that will provide much better content. Just like if you are writing content and not giving the right information to readers. Then this will reduce the rank of your site.

If you are giving inaccurate information in your site then the user means the visitor will take a wrong decision according to which the wrong result will bring. Remember this thing. Keep the size of content from 500 to 1000 words and use the simplified language, so that the Visitor quickly understood what you wrote. Friends, it will take some time if you will give quality content but visitor will come good and your site's Bounce rate will also be slightly reduced.

4. Create Visitors Friendly Heading

Heading is different from internal content will make anyone unhappy. Often bloggers make these mistakes and use clickbait headings, which is not exactly right. So this is the thing that we link with Blog, the thing is, if  your heading well, according to your own opinion but visitor does not understand. And the heading given is written about something else in the topic. This will reduce the confidence of visitors from the top of your site.

If a visitor came to your site and he read an article and after that he went back after reading the heading of another article. So what will happen to you, you will know your site will have a higher Bounce Rate. Keep your content updated as soon as possible. Get the right information and visitor stay in your side. Due to good content Google will rank very fast.

5. Focus on Content Formatting

Focus on Paragraph formatting. Do not write too long a paragraph, if your visitor read the article, he should not be boring in reading it. Let's make the word to be bolded, which will increase the Focus of visitors. Also everyone likes to read Formatted Contents.

6. Focus on Internal Link

If you do not enter the right internal link in the middle of Post, then the bounce rate will increase. That's because readers will often read your contents in a while and after that they will go away. And if you insert related internal link then they will also want to read that content. Like the Internal link, add related to your post and also give some internal link which you need to read the visitor. It depends on you how your content is in the site and it is best to put an internal link. These tips will also be helpful in reducing the bounce rate.

7. Internal Link should open in another page.

If you are putting your internal link in your site, then focus in it. Whenever the visitor clicks on the link of your post, you should open it in a new page. The visitor from which the article was being read should be open in a tab and the second one will open in a tab. This also reduces the bounce rate.

8. Make Blog Mobile Friendly

As we all know that nowadays mobile users are the highest. That's why we should pay more attention to making our blog mobile friendly. The more mobile your blog is, the more your visitors will like your blog. 50% of visitors are mobile users, according to me. Then use your site's template mobile friendly.

So friends today's information was very important. If you want to do something new in the blogging world and want to grow, then I hope this article may have been helpful for you. So far, you have come to understand that what is Bounce Rate and how to reduce Bounce Rate. Keeping blogging ahead, keeping in mind the above methods I have provided. If you still have any questions, write down in the comment box below. 
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What is Black Hat SEO Technique and White Hat SEO Technique?

What is Black Hat SEO Technique and White Hat SEO Technique?

Black Hat Seo Technique VS White Hat Seo Technique
Black Hat Seo Technique VS White Hat Seo Technique

Do you know about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO? If not then there is nothing to worry about because today we will learn about these. Today everyone who is in the Blogging field will know about these terms both Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Because as we know how much SEO or Search Engine Optimization is necessary for any blog. SEO is a process that lets us increase both volume and quality traffic on our blog or website. And in this way, all bloggers want to be popular as soon as they lack patience. That's why they always search for any such tricks that will help them increase their blog rank as soon as possible. In this case, the best option is to look at Black Hat, because you get results immediately and you do not need to wait. Black Hat SEO therefore attracts the newest bloggers.

We just know how important SEO is for any site. And if your blog has a good SEO then the ranking of your site will also increase. Because the better your site is ranking, the traffic on the site is as good as the traffic. And as search engines like google have increased demand, SEO also has a demand for a good Internet Marketing Strategy.

And we know that Search Engines also work based on some algorithms. And the better you have SEO technique, the better your site will be ranked. That's why new SEO techniques were used, including Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO. The most popular among these are Black Hat and White Hat. If I talk about, the main difference between these two is in their specific SEO techniques, so that they are so different from each other. So today I thought why not give you some information about people's Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO so that you get complete information about them too. Then let's start delaying and know about them.

What is Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

As I have already mentioned, the main difference between these two is in their different SEO techniques. Wherever we talk about Black Hat SEO, the techniques that are used in them are not approved by search engines as they do not follow their latest technologies Search Engines Guidelines. In the same way if I talk about White Hat SEO, then the search engine guidelines follow the techniques used in it, so that you will not have any problems using them. Even with the use of Black Hat SEO, your site may also be banned.

It is believed that with the use of Black Hat SEO techniques and strategies, you can significantly increase the ranking of your blog, because it does not follow the rules of Search Engines. It only gives importance to search engines and not to human audience. Black Hat SEO uses primarily those who want results very quickly and who do not want to do long-term investment on their website or blogs. Some techniques that are used in black hat seo are keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden text and links. Using them, your website can become de-indexed from Search Engines and your website can also be banned.

White Hat SEO techniques only target human audience and not Search Engine. Using these techiniques can not get you quick results, but if you use them for a long time you will get very good results. Some techniques used in White Hat SEO are keyword analysis, keyword research, LSI keywors, rewriting meta tags, link building etc. You do not have any danger from Search Engines because of their use so you can use them for a long time.

Which  is more effective - White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

Well, we can not directly tell which angle over Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is more effective. But if I talk about short time, then Black Hat SEO is more effective. If we talk about a long time, then White Hat SEO is more effective. That's because White Hat SEO primarily gives importance to human audience, but Black Hat SEO offers more priority to Search Engines. Therefore, these differences are in their effectiveness.

Features and Techniques Used in Black Hat SEO

Blackhat SEO uses all the techniques that have not been agreed with Search Engines, and use them means you do not believe in their rules and regulations. Their techniques are very unethical and if you ever get caught in the future, then you may have to pay a penalty for it. The use of black hat SEO is like achieving success as soon as possible so we can not use it for a long time. Here I have discussed some of their features and techniques that you can learn about them by learning about them very well.

  1. Spamdexing: - This is a practice in which the user repeatedly uses unrelated phrases so that his post is ranked as soon as possible. Regardless of whether or not there is a fate of viewers with the words used in this article.
  2. Keyword Stuffing: - In this user Uses certain specific keywords in many places of the article. Its only one purpose is how to rank that article. It does not look good in reading the viewers because specific keywords are used repeatedly without any reason.
  3. Invisible Text: - A practice in which some keywords are written in white text and placed in white background as they would attract more and more Google Spiders. This text is called invisible because these are not visible to normal viewers, but only to Google Spiders or Search Engine Spiders.
  4. Doorway Pages: - These are called fake pages that viewers can not see. These are designed only by keeping in mind the Search Engine Spiders, which can be easily upgraded to the rank of site and pages can be indexed quickly.
  5. Invisible iFrames: - These are some of the pages that only viewers can see, and the company from which the hosting has been taken can not see it. Whenever a user comes to any such website, the user does not even know this but many files are being automatically downloaded in the background of his computer.
  6. Link Farming: - As if you make your house in a place where people around it are not right then it is obvious that this will affect your home even from their habit. Just like that in virtual world. Link Farms or FFA pages have the same purpose, to add a new website or blog to many unrelated pages. You do not get any traffic from them, but with this, your website will be prohibited.
  7. Meta Keywords: - Meta Keywords Those short lists are words that only tell viewers that the article is written in this regard. But now these meta keywords are being misused and deliberately used for keywords that have no relation to the main article. This is just being done to increase the rank of page.

Features and Techniques Used in White Hat SEO

As you may have already understood, White hat Seo's aim is to target users not to search engines. The right information and articles are to reach people. White hat SEO not only follows all the SEO guidelines, but also ensures that all the articles that are indexed by the search engines can also be read by users. The purpose of this is to bring the right information to the people with cross linking, and link building. Here I have discussed some of their features and techniques that you can learn about them by learning about them very well.

1. Quality Content

Whenever we hear about SEO we hear about a phrase "Content is the King". If you do any good SEO in your article then you can never make a good rank. Because with SEO's help, it can only be made searchable, not readable. If you want to buy a good LED TV as an example, you will definitely search for information in the internet. For which you can type "best LED TV" by assuming that you have two such major websites in which some of it is written in this way.

  • Website 1: There is only one page available and the text of 3 paragraphs is available. And there are only a few companies named in it. And at the end there are some phone numbers.
  • Website 2: There are about 30 pages in which Mehjhud is written about all the best LED TVs available in the market, along with their technical information. In some pages, they have been compared to each other.

Now the thing arises that you would like to see a website. Obviously there is a bar of Dasara. Similarly, the content of good content is all the way. That's why Content is called the king.

2. Using Structural (Semantic) Mark Up and Separate Content for Presentation

Always the first choice of Search engines has been Structural Content. Using the right Headlines, Search Engines also have easy access to the article and users also have the ability to read. Search Engines give more preference to such articles which are well formatted and in which the content is well structured.

3. Titles and Meta Data

It is very important to use proper titles and meta data in your pages. As I mentioned earlier in the Black hat SEO about misusing Meta data. But here's a point to consider that they should be used properly in their articles. And whenever you use Titles and meta data, then note that this should be the right representation of the content of your main article.

4. Use of Keyword Research and Effective Keywords

Before writing any article, keyword research should be given more attention because, by doing so, we can make our articles even better. Keyword research means not only to use single keyword but also combinations of multi words which users are searching for and in which the competitiveness is low and search more. By doing so, we can attract more and more traffic.

With this, use some of the keywords so that people can easily see your articles in search results. And you can write these keywords in the following places. for example

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Heading Elements
  • Text
  • Alt Tag
  • Title Tag
  • Links

5. Quality Inbound Links and link Building

Quality Backlinks mean that links to such websites which tell you that the facts given in your content are authentic. In this proof they will display your links in their website. This will increase the importance of your content. Therefore, good backlinks have a lot of importance. And if possible, get links from websites that are related to your domain. For example, if you write about technology, then you have to get backlink from technolgy related website. With this, you also need quality inbound links, which will make a good ranking in your blog's Seach Engine.

Black hat vs White hat SEO results

Assume that using Black hat SEO, you can get your blog very well in the best rank. But if you get caught then your blog may also get a good penalty for using such unethical practices. That is why Black hat SEO is good for short term but in the long term it can harm you. Whenever Google has implemented its new algoritms, then those who have done this Black Hat SEO have suffered a lot.

Panda Update was a very important update of Google, which provided only high-quality content. This reduced the ranking of many low quality contlow-qualityogs.

Google's Penguin update was introduced only for those who used black hat SEO techniques. With the help of which many people made many "link farms". After this update many websites were penalized. And Webmasters were advised to remove bad backlinks.

Negative SEO
You can not control who can link your website to bad backlinks. Because there have been many such tales where the Competitors link farms to your website by linking them to such links farms and thereby reduce the ranking of your website suddenly. Therefore, you should thoroughly analyze your website in the intermediate interiors that your website is not linked to any other bad backlinks.

I sincerely hope that I gave you complete information about what people are Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO and I hope you guys have understood about Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and this will greatly benefit everyone. I need you people's support so that I can bring you even more new information.

I always try help my readers or readers on every side, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me unexpectedly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. How do you feel about this article What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO? Let us know by writing a comment so that we too can get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve it.
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Best 6 Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

Best 6 Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

Keyword Reasearch Tools
Keyword Research Tools
Do you know about Best Free Keyword Research Tools? Tools that make the task of every blogger easy. If you already know about the tools I tell you, it is a very good thing and if you do not know then there is no need to worry because today you are talking about people for the best free tools for keyword research. I am going to give full information in Knowing who you might even use them in your blog. And the best part is that these tools are absolutely free.

As we know this thing well, the basic foundation of SEO is Keyword Research. After that, other factors like On-Page Optimization, Content Quality, Good User Interface etc. Many companies invest millions of rupees for keyword research so that they can get their targeted content. So you have yet to understand how important the right keywords are for your blog. Now the thing arises is how good keywords mud. To solve this problem today I thought that you should tell people about free keyword research tools for SEO which is very important for bloggers. Then let's start delaying and know what these Keyword Research tools are and how to use them.

What are keywords?

Keywords are such important words that search engines know about what your website or blog is about. Keep in mind that you do not use your main keywords too much, it's called Keyword Stuffing. This can lower the rank of your blog, which is not a good thing for you. Good keywords are those of whom more and more people are searching and they have some significance too. The keywords you select are very important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for good ranking of your blog or website. The choice of the right keywords is not so easy for it to be analyzed. Then you can think of which angers will work for you and not to anyone.

Fortunately, we have many tools online available to choose the right keywords, and by which we can find out which keywords are useful to us. By the way, there are mainly two types of Keyword Research tools:

1. Basic Keyword Research

They use Seed Keyword to find profitable keywords.

2. Competitor Based Keyword Research

Their use is to soften the keywords that are used by other competitors to bring good traffic.

If I talk about myself then I like Competitors based keyword research, because keyword research means searching for keywords that are more profitable. In such a way, if any keywords are beneficial for someone else, then surely they will be for anyone else.

Do you want to rank your blog? Want to bring your article to Google's first page? If yes, then you have to choose good and profitable keywords for it, which are being used by many viewers, and you have to prepare good content using similar keywords.

But here's a challenge:

If all people use the same keyword research tools, then everyone will get the same keywords and compete with each other will also be difficult.

Then what is the Best Keyword Tool?

If you choose popular keywords which are all of them, then you will have a lot to do in ranking. Because there is too much competition in it. And if you are thinking that you will rank such keywords which is not doing any search then it is not okay because this will not give you any traffic because no one is looking for such things.

So in such a situation, we will have to find good keywords that have a good search volume and should also be profitable. For this we need to get help with Keyword Research Tools.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

In today's world, I am going to tell you about the best free keyword research tools in Internet, which will help you find good and profitable keywords.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best place to start keyword research. It has been designed for advertising but you can use it to search organic keywords by customizing your search result. In this you have to type your keyword and select Country. Which will give you information about search volume and CPC.

You can do this with the help of Keyword Planner:

Can search new keywords and ad group ideas
Search Volume can get the list of keywords
You can predict about the Traffic of List of Keywords
Multiply the Keyword lists to get the idea of ​​new keywords
In this, you should pay more attention to Keyword ideas and ad group iseas, because both of you help in SEO. The Ads Group Ideas is related to the related keywords that give the idea about general keywords. This gives us good information about average monthly searches, competition, etc. With this we can do SEO and PPC simultaneously, along with it we find that the keywords from which angles are much better are from Organic and Advertising.

2. Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is a very useful tool. These are a keyword tool that lets you get all related keyword suggestion related to any keyword. It immediately gives you an unlimited list of original keyword, which contains the variation of the original keyword with alphabetized and numerical. It's a lot of work from SEO's point of view.


Keywordtool is an online keyword research tool that uses the feature of Google Autocomplete and searches the second long-tail keyword relevant.

Google Autocomplete is a feature that Google Search uses. Its purpose is to speed up the search made by Google. There are many reasons behind the search term displayed by Google Autocomplete, one of the reasons is that users who search mostly in the past search save Google Autocomplete so that they can speed up search.

Keyword Tool helps you to use Google Suggest to research keywords. This extract data from the Google Keyword Suggestion and presents it in a simple easy-to-understand interface. You can generate approximately 750+ keywords in the free version of the Keyword Tool. But in Paid version it can generate two times more keywords.

4. Soovle

If you have a lot of channels and want to do keyword research, then Soovle will be your best tool. With the help of Soovle, you can search the most type of keywords and all search engines if you type root keyword.

It's not just a great Keyword research tool, but it's a very good tool to generate good idea auto. Because if you type any new idea in it, then it will automatically provide you with Auto Generate Tax for its best ideas.

5. Keyword Revealer

These are a very good keyword research tool that everyone should try once. Because it is so fast that the Okay button is not even mine in order to start the research campaign.

How does this work:
Whenever you type in a keyword, the keyword renderer automatically gives you the relevant keyword search for you, too soon. There is a Keyword Competition indicator which is like a Speedometer, which indicates which keyword is worth ranking or not.

Along with this, it gives you good and new keyword ideas whenever you ever stop searching for a keyword. So that helps you find the keyword. With this you also see Keyword CPC and estimated potential earning.

6. KW Finder

KW Finder is not just a good keyword suggestion tool, along with it also provides a lot of important information such as how relevant the keyword is. Those also with all factors such as SEO, PPC advertising, Search Volume This makes KW Finder user very easy in Keyword Research.

With this, the top Google Results also appears about all the keywords. And also gives an idea about many information like domain strength, number of backlinks, facebook likes, and this can give you a sense of how easily you can rank any keyword.

It also lets you check the Keyword difficulty level so that you know about the competition level. You can use KW Finder for free but only a few limited times in the day. If you want to use it more often you will have to buy it.

You can use the tools described here as a keyword research for you. If you use any of the free tools that I have not included in the list, then you can mention it in the comment so that others can know about it and they also get fired.

I sincerely hope that I gave you full information about the Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers and I hope you guys have understood about the best keyword research tool list. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and this will greatly benefit everyone. I need you people's support so that I can bring you even more new information.

My always try is to do that I always help my readers or readers on every side, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me unexpectedly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. Please tell us how you wrote this article for Best Free Keyword Research Tools bloggers, so that we also get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.

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What is Passive Income? And Types Of Passive Income

What is Passive Income? And Types Of Passive Income

What is Passive Income
What Is Passive Income

Passive income is that income, for which you do not have to work actively, like - a rental income from a house is your passive income, because you do not have to actively work for rental income,

other side,

Passive income is also a great source of income when you do not work for money, but money works for you,

Like - Interest from bank fixed deposits, or dividends from stock, or income from such business that you do not actively work on,

Difference between income and income sources

  • There is special difference in income and income sources,
  • In the income source we get income on fixed time intervals continuously,
  • While income can be any amount, whatever comes from ours anytime,
  • For example, money can be earned in any kind of lottery, but not income sources,
  • The money from the job is our income source,

What is the different income source?

Let us also understand the income source well enough to understand passive income,

We need money for our living and all kinds of expenses, and we all have some sources of income for coming to the money, and the sources that we also have money, they say our income sources. Goes,

Like - If I have money from my job as salary, salary is my income source, and in the same way if anyone receives an income from a rental house, then the rent is his income source,

Well, there can be millions of ways to earn money, but if you talk about your income source, the way you earn money, there are three types of income or three income sources-

  1. Active income source :- as is known by name - active income, i.e., to get the income we have to work actively, it is an income active income, Like - Income from Income, Active Income,
  2.  Passive Income Source :- As we have said earlier that Passive income is income, for which you do not have to work actively,  Like - Rent from an apartment is your passive income,
  3. Portfolio Income Source :- Portfolio Income is a part of Passive Income, which comes from income sources such as banks and stock investments, and such income is called portfolio income,  Like - dividend, portfolio income, which is available from stock investment.

So far, we have understood that whatever we are from, the Employee, businessman, daily worker, housewife, student, child or old age, whatever the income we have comes from these three sources,


  1. Income from Rent,
  2. The benefits of interest received from fixed deposits (Income from FIXED DEPOSIT)
  3. Benefits from Mutual Fund Deposit, (Income from DIVIDENDS AND CAPITAL GAIN)
  4. Dividend from Stock Investments (Income from DIVIDENDS)
  5. Income from any business where you do not work actively - like Partnership Business, or Income from Business (BUSINESS)
  6. Income from Pension (PENSION PLANS)
  7. Income from ROYALTY received from writing a book
  8. Income from any type of online internet business, (Income from WEBSITES / BLOGS / YOU TUBE)
  9. Capital gains from Value Stock Investing (Income from VALUE INVESTING IN STOCKS)
  10. Commission income from MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or other such company which did not earn your commission despite earning commission (Income from COMMISSION)
Through this post we have made you aware of  technical Analysis. We hope that you should have liked our post.
If you enjoyed the post then write down your comment or question,
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What is technical analysis in stock market?

What is technical analysis in stock market?

It is very important to know what is technical analysis before investing in the stock market. Looking at the profits in stock market most of people attract towards stock market.Because everybody wants to earn maximum profit by investing their savings money, but we can not ignore that stock market is full of risks,

The biggest truth of the stock market is that everybody here only enters to earn profit from the stock market, but only 10% people make money from the stock market, and the rest 90% people make loss,

And here 90% of people make LOSS because they don't know :-
  1. When to buy shares,
  2. At what price to buy shares
  3. How much quantity of shares to buy
  4. When to sell shares
  5. In which price did the shares be sold
  6. How much shares to sold
  7. And how to control your LOSS in the case of LOSS,

To find out all these details, we need to learn and understand Technical Analysis,

How To Control Risk In Stock Market

The most interesting thing in the stock market is that there are only two things here, either buying or selling shares.But here exactly nobody knows when to buy and when to sell shares.

This is the main risk in the market, that nobody knows exactly when a buyer bought, how much to buy in a price, and when to sell and sold in a lot of price.

Because no one here can always be 100% correct, and there is no one way that we can say that we have learned all about the stock market, and we will always be profitable in the market share.

But there are some methods we can use to control our risks.

What is technical Analysis ?

What is Technical Analysis
What is Technical Analysis

When we look at the stock of a company only on the basis of when its price increases and when it is reduced, and it is not emphasized that the ability of the company to earn its profit is so strong, i.e. When the past performance of the stock is kept in mind only then, we buy or sell BUYING or SELLING on the basis of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS,

And in this way we can say that, on the basis of FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, you can well tell an estimate of the FUTURE PERFORMANCE of a stock,

In this context TECHNICAL ANALYSIS tells us about the cost of buying shares, the time of purchase, how much to buy and when, how much to sell, how much sale, stop loss, etc.

And that's why a large INVESTOR also explains the changes and shares deals in the market with the help of FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS that when should we buy and sell so that we can earn more and more,

So let's start learning Technical Analysis -

Technical Analysis – Introduction

  1. What is Technical Analysis?
  2. What are the benefits of Technical Analysis?
  3. The greatest feature of technical analysis
  4. Technical Analysis Assumption - Concept
  5. Basic Elements of Technical Analysis
  6. Technical Analysis - Chart
  7. Technical Analysis - TREND

Candlestick chart and Pattern

  1. Technical Analysis - Candlestick chart
  2. Technical Analysis - Candlestick Pattern
  3. Technical Analysis - MARUBOZU
  4. Technical Analysis - SPINNING TOP
  5. Technical Analysis - DOJI
  6. Paper Umbrella - Hammer (Single Candlestick Pattern)
  7. Paper Umbrella - HANGING MAN (Single Candlestick Pattern)
  8. Single Candlestick Pattern -SHOOTING STAR
  9. Multiple Candlestick Pattern - BULLISH ENGULFING PATTERN
  10. Multiple Candlestick Pattern - BEARISH ENGULFING PATTERN
  16. The Morning Star Pattern - Morning Star
  17. The Evening Star Pattern - Evening Star
  18. Some attention points regarding candlestick pattern

Advance Technical Analysis

  1. What is Support and resistance (S & R)?
  2. Volume - Technical Analysis
  3. Moving Average Moving Average
  4. Exponential Moving Average (EMA-Exponential Moving Average)
  5. Moving Average Crossover System
  6. Indicators [Indicators] Technical Analysis
  7. RSI Relative Strength Index RSI

Before investing in Stock Market, collect all the information. You will be responsible for any losses. Through this post we have made you aware of  technical Analysis. 

We hope that you should have liked our post if you have liked this post and now share it with your friends and if there is any problem associated with the Technical Analysis or want information please write in the comment box
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What is SIP and how it works?

What is SIP and how it works

Do you know that what is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)? You may have heard from many people talking about SIP. You must have seen enough posts related to SIP on your mobile or computer. But you do not know what SIP is, through our post, we will introduce you to all the information related to SIP (systematic investment plan). What is SIP and what is its work? Etc. The information will be given to you through this post.

There are many ways to save, but with savings as well as increasing the amount of savings it has to be saved in a true sense. We can invest or reinvest the amount of savings in many places and make profits. But if we want to achieve a regular and balanced wealth, then we should invest the savings amount through SIP. 

SIP not only increases the amount of our savings But through this we also get a discount in tax. In the initial times there was confusion about SIP in people and they considered it harmful, so today our post will try to break the illusion of those people and all the important information related to it will be shared with you.

What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?

What is sip
What Is Sip (Systematic investment Plan)

We have heard many times that the small droplets make the ocean and it is also 100 percent accurate. The same applies in the case of investment. It is not necessary that we have to make big investments in order to earn huge amount. By doing so, there can be unnecessary burden on the person's financial situation, because in the process of making big investments, he will put his gardener in the situation. Therefore, if small investments are done regularly, then a large fund can be created in the long run, without any risk. SIP also works similarly.

SIP is a very easy way to invest with less loss. In which you can invest a fixed amount every month / intervals for a larger goal, then you can get a big amount in the long run with the amount of that small investment.

Through SIP, the investor has to invest a fixed amount in a stock market, mutual fund or gold etc. for a certain period, those people who are not aware of the stock market and are unaware of the way the market works. It is a very good way to invest through SIP. SIP sets the fixed amount at fixed time intervals. The investor can invest in the stock market, the Mutual Fund and the GOLD ETF through SIP. 

SIP has brought mutual funds in the reach of middle class people because it also enables them to invest in those whose budget It is very low. Whoever is unable to invest in a time, but he can invest 500 or 1000  every month. So through SIP he has come to such people. Medium-term people can make big profits by making small investments for a long time.

In SIP, you invest a certain amount every month to invest in a company's fund and buy units, for example, by investing Rs 1000 of any company's fund, you get 100 units of that company in return. Will do And whenever you want to get out, you can get the profits by selling your purchased units at that time at the market price.

SIP Benefits

There are several benefits of SIP, such as tax deduction, simplicity in investment, etc. Besides, there are other benefits too. Let us know what the benefits of SIP are: -

  1. Small investment :- As we know, there is a certain amount of time to invest regularly at fixed intervals, so it is very easy to get rid of the amount for investment from your routine and expenses. At a fixed interval, you can earn a large amount by investing a small amount on a continuous basis. If you invest 1000 per cent interest rate of 10 per cent every month, then in 15 years you Will meet approximately 414,470. when your investment is over. While you have deposited only Rs. 180,000 in these 15 years. You can start investing in Rs 500 from SIP. Which can provide you good profits in the long run.
  2. Easy to invest :-  Investing in SIP is very easy. There is no need to worry about it more than once, once you have chosen your plan, the mutual fund withdraws the funds from your account and deposits it to your chosen plan. Your bank account is linked to your SIP scheme account. As you plan to invest 1000 เคนै each month, your bank account is transferred every month to 1000 rs SIP account. Those sent rupees are used to buy the unit so that you get benefit in the future.
  3. Risk reduction :- The biggest and main advantage of SIP is that the risk is very low. Suppose that you have to invest fifty thousand rupees in the stock market. You put that money in stock together.Now you do not know that the market will go up or down the next day. It will be a very risky deal. If this investment is divided in a little bit, then there is a decrease in risk. We can save 50,000 rupees from the loss of the stock market by depositing it at intervals of 5000 ₹ 10 installments. Similarly, SIP does not allow us to accumulate large amount of money together by investing a small amount of stock market. 
  4. Tax exemption :- When you invest in SIP You do not have any kind of tax on investing the amount or withdrawing the amount. But tax deduction schemes have lock-in periods such as 3 years. 
  5. Systematic and Disciplined Investments :- To invest in SIP, a small amount from your account (according to your plan) will be available to you. Regularly fired and invested. This makes discipline and order in the process of making your investment. This discipline encourages you to save yourself and makes a habit of saving you.
  6. The advantage of compounding :- The word compounding means the interest is also found on interest. Whenever SIP is invested and whatever returns are given on the investment amount, the return is re-invested on the same back, so that the profit of the investor increases and the profits are due to it.
  7. SIP withdrawal facility :- There is no Lock in Period in the maximum SIP scheme. Lock in period is the time without which you can not withdraw your money from the scheme. But most schemes of SIP do not have a lock in period. Investors can decide to continue or stop investing in SIP as per their need. This gives the investor not only a good return but also offers advanced liquidity according to its convenience

In SIP, you can start investing at just 500 Rs every month. is. In this you need to choose not to be a Mutual Fund. Most things in it are automatic. The benefits obtained from SIP are very high and its loss is not equal. If you have a bit of money from your daily life, then you should invest it with SIP. Even though the money is still small, after a few years have passed and after investing regularly, that small money will collect you a huge fund. 

I hope you guys have understood about SIP. I am convincing of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and this will greatly benefit everyone. I need you to help people so that I can bring you even more new information. 

But even if you see something in our post, please give your opinion in the comments box and Help us improve that deficiency, thanks.
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What is a mutual fund? and its type

What is a mutual fund? and its type

Have you ever heard about Mutual Fund in Hindi? Do you know how they work? If not then today I will tell you about it. Many people simply imagine many things in their mind when they hear about them and do not know anything without thinking about it in the mind. Which is not exactly right to do. So today I thought, why do you remove the turmoil that is sitting on the minds of people in the minds of people and make you aware of its truth.

There is a very good and easy way to make money from mutual funds. You do not have to have thousands of rupees to invest in this. Rather, you can invest in just Rs 500 per month as well. Many people consider Mutual Funds and stock / share market to be the same, but not so at all. Both mutual fund and share market are part of the market, but there is very much difference between the two. From today's post, we will know what is the difference between these and what is the purpose of these mutual funds and how can we safely invest in it?

What is the mutual fund?

What is mutual funds
What Is Mutual Funds

As the name suggests mutual fund, a lot of investors' money is kept mutually, this group of money is managed to earn the most profitable profit. Simply put, Mutual Funds are a fund of lots of people's money. In which the money imposed is used to invest in different places and it is tried that the investor should be given more profits than his money. The fund is managed by a professional person, known as the Professional Fund Manager.

The professional fund manager's job is to look after the mutual fund and make more profit by placing the funds in the right place. If used in simple words, its work has to be converted into profits of the money imposed by the people.

Mutual funds are registered under SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), which governs the market in India. Safeguarding investors' money in the market is done by SEBI. It is ensured by SEBI that some company is not cheating with people.

Mutual funds have existed in India for a long time, but people still do not know much about it today. In the initial period, people had the notion that the Mutual Funds are meant for the rich category only. But this is not so, and in today's time this perception seems to be changing. The trend of people has increased towards Mutual Funds. In today's times, the Mutual Funds are not meant for the rich class only. Rather anyone can invest in Mutual Funds at the rate of only 500 ₹ each month. Minimum amount of investment in the Mutual Funds is 500 rupees.

History of Mutual Funds In India

With the formation of the Unit Trust of India (UTI) on the initiative of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Government of India, mutual fund industry in India started in 1963. Its main objective was to attract small investors and make them aware of the issues related to investment and market.

 UTI was formed in 1963 under an Act of Parliament. It was established by the Reserve Bank of India. And initially it worked under the RBI. In 1978 the UTI was separated from the RBI. Indian Industrial Development Bank (IDBI) got the right of regulatory and administrative control in place of the RBI. And the UTI started working under it.

The development of Mutual Funds in India can be divided into several phases. 

As the first phase was from 1964 to 1987, in which UTI had had a fund of 6700Cr. Then, the second phase starts from 1987, in which public sector funding has started. At this time a lot of banks got the chance to make Mutual Funds. SBI made the first NONUTI mutual fund.

The second phase ended in 1993 but the end of the second phase ended with AUM i.e. Assets under management ₹ 47004CR more than 6700Cr. At this stage, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the investors in mutual funds.

The third phase started in 1993, which lasted till 2003. Private sector funding was approved in this phase In this phase investors get more options of Mutual Funds. This phase came to an end in 2003.

Fourth phase began in 2003, which is still going on. UTI was divided into two separate phases in 2003. The first SUUTI and the second UTI mutual fund that used to work according to SEBI MF rules. Read the impact of the economic slowdown of 2009 on the whole world. Investors also suffered substantial losses in India. People have little confidence in mutual funds. But gradually the industry started coming back on track. In 2016, AUM ₹ was 15.63 trillion. Which was the highest till now. The number of investors has gone up to around 5 CR and millions of new investors are joining every month. This step has proved to be an asset for mutual funds.

Types of Mutual Funds

There are several types of mutual funds. We can divide them into 2 categories. Types of Mutual Funds on the basis of the first structure and the type of Mutual Funds on the basis of second asset.

 A) Types of Mutual Funds based on structure 

  1. Open ended mutual fund : In this plan, investors are allowed to sell or buy Funds at any time. There is no definitive date or time to buy or sell funds. These funds provide liquidity to investors, so investors are well-liked. 
  2. Close end Mutual Funds : This type of plan has a fixed maturity period and investor funds can buy only during the fund period. And such funds are also included in the stock market. After this, they are also used for trading.
  3. Interval Funds : This form of Mutual Funds is composed of both open ended funds and close ended funds. In this, the facilities of both funds are preferred. It allows investors to trade the funds on a pre-determined interval. And funds can be traded on that period. These are the types of mutual funds based on the spoken structure, now we will talk about how many types of mutual funds are based on the asset. 

B) Based on the asset Types of Mutual Funds 

  1. Debt funds Debt funds :- Such risks to the investor are very low in risk to the investor. Investors invest in debentures, government bonds and other fixed income which is a safe investment. Debt funds offer fixed returns. If you want a steady income, then this fund is for you. If the investor earns more than 10,000 of funds, the investor will have to pay. 
  2. Liquid Mutual Funds Liquid Funds :-This is also a safe option to invest. Liquid funds invest in low-end debt instruments. So if you want to invest for less time then liquid funds can be your choice.
  3. Equity funds :- Equity funds are for you if you want to achieve long term profit. These funds invest in the stock market. Such funds also include risks, but the profits they make are more than that. 
  4. Money Market Funds :- Such funds provide reasonable returns for investors in the Short Term. It is invested in safe places.
  5. Balanced Mutual Funds :- Equity fund and Debt fund get mixed advantage in such fund schemes. Funds accumulated in this type of mutual fund are invested in both equity and datab. These types of funds, where investors give stability in earnings on the one hand, also increase income growth on the other hand. Apart from these funds, there are many types of funds, but mainly and most commonly used funds That's it.

Benefits Of Mutual Fund

Well, there are many benefits of Mutual Funds. But here we only talk about the important benefits 

  1. Professional Management :- The money you invested in mutual funds is managed by mutual funds experts with their experience and their talents. Before investing this money, you take the information from the fund that takes the money in full, then after knowing the information collected by them, it increases your money only.
  2. Diversification (diversity) :- The key to secure investment is that do not waste your money on one place and invest in many places and invest in many places. Every mutual fund invests money at different places. Good funds can be invested not only in other companies but also in other sectors or perhaps a different size company. This gives investors maximum protection.
  3. Variety (options) :- Today there is something for every kind of person in the Mutual Funds. For those who want more returns, those who want higher secured investment than most secured funds, every kind of fund is available. If you wish to invest in any kind, it is possible that some mutual fund will definitely be created for you and it will sit according to your needs.
  4. Convenience :- You can easily invest in Mutual Funds. Equally simple you can withdraw money from funds. To invest, you will need to fill out a form that you can fill online or offline or anywhere. After this, you can sell or buy funds from both methods of online or offline. There is a lot of options in the Mutual Funds as well as there is a lot of facilities.
  5. Affordable (cheap) :- The share price of big companies is quite high. Many times you want to invest in these companies, but because of the low budget you can not do this. While many people have money in Mutual Funds, your money is invested in big companies. And your money earns more profits there. Mutual funds are not only large but also small investors to invest in large companies through Mutual Funds. 
  6. Tax Benefits :- Whenever you invest in the stock market, you have to pay tax to buy or sell shares. You get tax rebates in Mutual Funds. In some funds, you do not have to pay any tax on your profits for some period of time. Tax exemption is also one of the reasons that makes it very popular.

Before investing in Mutual Funds, collect all the information related to the documents and funds. You will be responsible for any losses. Through this post we have made you aware of  mutual fund. 

We hope that you should have liked our post if you have liked this post and now share it with your friends and if there is any problem associated with the mutual fund or want information please write in the comment box
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