What is Google Trends? and how is it beneficial for blogging?

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 What is Google Trends and how is it beneficial for blogging?

Google Trends
What Is Google Trends

Do you know  what is Google Trends. If we don't know how it woks. So today I will tell you how Google Trends is beneficial for blogging. When we write a post for our blog, we do keyword research before that. Keyword researches are searched by keywords that are more searched by people. And try to give information as they want. Google Trends helps us learn similar keywords. Next we will learn how Google Trends works.

As we know about SEO & how important it is for blogging? Keyword research is also an important part of SEO. Most bloggers want a free keyword research tool to help you choose the best keywords. And to succeed in ranking every post in the search engine. So friends lets move on and know what is Google Trends and how does it work?

 What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google that records every change that happens over time, and shows us as a graph. These tools also tell us about the number of times the keywords have been searched by which people have searched for. This helps us to know whether we will benefit from using that keyword. In this way, this is a very unique tool that tells the changes that take place over time.

What does Trends mean?

When people like something more at that time, so at that moment that thing is called trending. And it varies with time. 

You must have heard this idiom.(change is the law of nature).

Some keywords are such that its importance decreases over time, and the traffic also becomes evenly negligible. So from Google Trends, we can also compare keywords to which keyword is better. Along with this it is also clear which traffic will remain in the post using which keyword. Writing a post does not mean that it is written and then left forever. We should keep updating it over time and at that time whatever keyword trend should try to implement it If it is relevant. 

Google Trends take records every hour's search. And how much the keyword search has decreased and how much is increased. When you look at Google Trends, it will show you the performance of any keyword in the time-period as per your wish.

Establishment Of Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends is a service launched by Google platform. First of all, it started Google in the name of Google Insights for Search on 5 August 2008. December 27, 2012 Google has made Google Trends by changing Google Insights. Google Trends tells us the whole information about search keywords in Google, category wise. In this way people associated with every niche can easily find the trend of their Target keyword.

How Google Trends Works

Well there are so many tools that you use for SEO (search engine optimization) . Some of these tools are free while some are paid. If you spend some time researching keywords in those tools, then you will be able to find out how Google Trends works.

First of all, you understand that the keywords you search with paid tools or you find out the competitor keyword also shows all the data based on trend, search volume and competition. 

From Google Trends 2004 it will give the complete information of any keyword up to one hour ago. It shows all the information through a graph.You put your target keyword in the search query box in it. Select any country you want to check on keyword trends. In this, you have to take a Time-Period to see how long you want to see the trends in the form of a graph. 

Next, in this you select the category of keywords. After that, web search means that the image, news, shopping, youtube, select which platforms you want to see the results. This results in you as the result of the fluctuation in the graph that time will show in Period. With this, it will also show related topics and related queries.

Google Trends gives you another feature so that you can compare between 2 or more keywords and show them in the graph simultaneously. All the keywords will have different lines. And also the color of the line of each keyword will be different. So in this way you can know the full history of any keyword.


In the graph, it explains the popularity of a keyword between 0 to 100 in numbers. If 0, then that means that the popularity of that keyword is a lot of work. In the popularity of 50's, she comes in the middle and 100 means that her most popular is that she has her popularity in the peak.

Benefits of Google Trends Tool

google trends tool
Keyword Compare Tool 

This tool benefits every blogger and website owner. The purpose of creating a blog or website is to make it accessible to more people. the popularity of the blog be increased where people will be? Also the revenue will also increase. 

So let us know what are the benefits of Google Trends that are important for all bloggers.

You Can compare keywords from Google Trends. This allows you to choose the best keyword for your business or blog. In this you can see which of the different keywords of the same topic is being searched the most. And also by looking at the previous trends of it, it will also be known that in the first and the last, there is the highest level of ascendance.

Interest by Region and Sub-region

People in every corner of the world whose choices are different according to their location. If you wish, you can easily find their interest with this tool. Suppose you want to get traffic from US, UK, then you have to know what is going on in trending in the people there. Then you can choose the best keyword that the people there search the most. Now you can write a post with high quality content based on keyword. If you specialize in Search Engine Optimization then you can bring heavy traffic to your blog from there

Real Time Data

This tool tracks real time data according to time, which is very beneficial for your business. This shows what is being liked today.

Best Content creation

This also benefits from the Google Trends tool that helps in writing better and higher quality content. From here, you can write high quality content on topics that are preferred among people using the best keywords. And when the content is of high quality then the traffic will definitely come.

Friends This tool is the solution to every problem of our keyword research. There are countless advantages of using it. Which helps to increase the blog and website's popularity. It can be time to start using it and knowing things. But if you master it then you will become even stronger in SEO.


Friends how do you feel about this article Google Trends? I hope you find this post really helpful. Now you must have understood how the Google trends tool works. With this we have also understood that what are the benefits of Google Trends. 

Friends, if you have found this post beneficial, then share it with your other blogger friends too. So that they can also help in finding related keywords from trending topics. Make sure to share this post with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as much as possible with your friends.

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